Hi! I'm Nicole Masters

I'm an Agroecologist with a love for soil science, ecosystems, plants, animals, and the humans who manage them.

How to bring scientific understandings together and balance them with intuitive, anecdotal, and practical real-world experiences is my passion. I love being around ‘whole-hearted’ people; people who are authentic and courageous. People who see a need to connect more deeply with themselves and with landscapes aren’t afraid to ask those crucial ‘why’ questions. At Integrity Soils we bring some of the best coaches and resources together to enable producers and organizations to navigate the soil health journey.


“Nicole's work over a diversity of landscapes and operations informs her pattern thinking, creating a depth of knowledge that pervades and complements her personalized interactions with our team. With an eye towards both stewardship and production, Nicole has a knack for asking the right questions that catalyze creative problem solving and strategic thinking, leading us towards the discovery of long-term, sustainable solutions for our diversified farming operation. ”

Shawn Greenbaum -- Apricot Lane "The Biggest Little Farm"

“I was really challenged on thinking about what the potential was for our semi-arid climate. Since Nicole came to the ranch, we’ve embarked on new actions. I now feel more empowered and positive about what is possible here and for all of agriculture.”

Steve Charter – Rancher, Montana USA

“Nicole both challenges us to be bolder and more ambitious, whilst also having plenty of workable solutions to recommend.”

Donna Chan - NZ Merino

An awesome way for people to connect to the important relationships between plants and microbes in a more physical way.

Deepen your relationship with the world around, and beneath you today!