Do You Ever Find Yourself Asking These Questions?

Is it possible to have happy, healthy horses on pasture? Can I build healthy soil and quality pasture AND graze horses?! How can I get rid of my weeds without using poisons? Join Nicole Masters, Author and Agroecologist with over 20 years of experience in regenerating diverse landscapes in this dive into the benefits of managing horses for quality forage.

Nicole Masters with her horse Flynn
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Overview of the Soil Horse Course

Horses get a whipping about their ability to degrade soil and pastures

This view doesn't have to persist. In this 14 module program you’ll learn more about the benefits of building soil health and the relationship between healthy soil and many common horse ailments. How you can manage for quality pasture and maintain horse health and what are the benefits from increasing pasture and fodder diversity. After implementing the actions covered in this program, you’ll be able to grow more nutrient-dense food for horses, reduce pesky weeds, increase water holding capacity of soil and improve the overall health of your equine buddies.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome horse lovers

  • 2


    • Introduction

    • Transcript: Introduction

    • What are your horse and pasture concerns?

  • 3

    What are your goals?

    • What are your goals?

    • Transcript: Goals

    • What are your soil, pasture and animal health goals?

    • Soil health and animal health

  • 4

    Calcium & Compaction

    • Compaction and calcium

    • Transcript: Compaction

    • Compaction and Calcium Quiz

  • 5

    Mmmmm Management

    • Management

    • Transcript: Mmmmm Management

    • Mmmmmm Management

  • 6

    Magic of Microbes

    • Microbes

    • Transcript: Microbes

    • Microbial Quiz

  • 7

    Feeding Microbes and Carbon

    • Feeding Microbes and Carbon

    • Transcript: Microbes and Carbon

    • Feeding Microbes and Carbon Quiz

  • 8

    Weeds as Indicators

    • Weeds Part 1

    • Transcript: Weeds Part 1

    • Extra notes on Weeds

    • Weeds Quiz

    • Weeds Part Two

    • Transcript: Weed Pt 2

    • Weeds quiz Pt 2

  • 9

    Forage Nutrition

    • Forage Nutrition Part One

    • Transcript: Forage Nutrition Pt 1

    • NDF and NSC Quiz

    • Forage Nutrition Part Two

    • Transcript: Forage Nutrition Pt 2

    • Funny Proteins & Quality Continued

    • Transcript: Funny proteins and quality continued

    • Forage Nutrition and Funny Proteins

  • 10


    • Brix

    • Transcript: Brix

    • Brix and minerals

  • 11

    Pasture and Forage Diversity

    • Diversity

    • Transcript: Diversity

    • Diversity Quiz

  • 12


    • Applications

    • Transcript: Applications

    • Transitions

    • Bonus: Case Study Lindsay Racing (2018)

  • 13

    Winding up

    • Winding up

    • Transcript: Summary

    • Thank you

    • Further Resources

Don't feel stuck in the mud!

When it comes to assessing soil health and where to start on your journey, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Learning has never been so easy with our casual yet informative teaching style.

Outcomes from this course

  • Save Money

    There are so many things a horse owner can find to spend money on! Avoid wasting your dollars on things that don't bring you joy. A focus on soil health reduces the need for herbicides, pesticides, supplements and vet bills!

  • Improve landscape health

    Do you want pastures to feel proud of? Transform those old tired, weed-bound fields into a visual delight. Catch every drop of rain, and lift the quality of what you're growing, knowing you are part of the solution.

  • Wellbeing

    Everyone and every being wins with a soil health approach. Free yourself up to enjoy your equine friends and know you're doing the best for them and the planet.

Bonus Material

We are partnering with AcresUSA, and they have offered a free, 3-month subscription to the AcresUSA Magazine (US residents only, International residents will receive a one-month Sub for free). This trial subscription is free of charge. Receive your code on checkout.
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Over the past few decades (and hundreds of workshops later), we've developed a range of methods to support your learning around the factors involved in building soil health.  


  • Are all the courses online?

    Yes, the Soil Horse Course is a 100% online, theory-based course. You will watch a series of content and then take a short quiz after each one.

  • Is the program self-paced?

    Yes, they are. We design these programs to be easily digestible and to fit around people's busy lives. Each video lasts between 4-10 minutes, with review questions to follow, so you could do the whole program in an afternoon or stagger it over weeks, You will have access to the course for 12 months – this is because we recognize that absorbing this material requires review. Time extensions after 12 months are considered on an individual basis.

  • Who is this program for?

    Anyone with an interest in soil and/or horses. Although we focus on equine needs here, there is lots to be gleaned for anyone managing pastures. If you're interested in becoming a coach or consultant, there's lots of gems in here too!