Do You Ever Find Yourself Asking These Questions?

What is Regenerative Agriculture? How do I profitably transition my operation to a low-input regenerative food production system? How can I get rid of my weeds without using poisons? Who is my underground livestock and how do I manage them? Why are minerals so important and how can I increase their availability? Are my weeds and pests trying to tell me something?

When growing foods, it can seem easier to reach for a bag, or enlist the advice from others.

Discover how you can regenerate your land resources through a practical and theoretical immersive. This is essential training for food producers seeking a more profitable, productive and regenerative approach. Guaranteed to give you new insights and tools!

When it comes to assessing soil health and where to start on your journey, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Learning has never been so easy with our casual yet informative teaching style.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Hold on to your hats!

    • Slides- optional to print off

    • Hold Your Hats!

    • Defining Regenerative Agriculture

    • What do you want?

    • What is Healthy Soil?

    • Healthy Soil Quiz

  • 3

    Indicators and observations

    • Slides - Indicators and Observations

    • Without Measurement there is no Management!

    • Measurement Considerations

    • Insects as indicators

    • Insect Quiz

  • 4

    Chemistry for food producers

    • Intro to soil chemistry

    • Chemistry slides- optional to print

    • What is your Base Saturation?

    • Periodic Table

    • Soil chemistry foundations

    • Chemistry is fun!

    • Case Study: Cottonwood Ranch

    • Soil pH

    • Error in slides

    • Testing Considerations

    • Chemistry Quiz

  • 5

    Farmer J Exercise

    • Minerals PT 1 Slides

    • Major elements Calcium and Magnesium

    • Introducing Farmer J

    • Farmer J question sheet

    • Farmer J PT 1 Quiz

    • Farmer J Review Session Part one

    • Review for Farmer J continued

  • 6

    Underground Livestock

    • Living Systems

    • Yield Limiting Factors

    • Frost factors

    • The Microbial System

    • Bacteria

    • Fungi

    • Erosion

    • Case Study: Peggioh Station

    • Microbial Quiz PT 1

    • How Did We End Up Here?!

    • Humates

    • Mycorrhizal Fungi

    • Weed Teas

    • Regenerative Risks

  • 7


    • Print - Anions

    • Anions - Nitrogen

  • 8

    Weeds and Part 2 Farmer J

    • Weeds

    • Weeds as indicators

    • Feeding Microbes

    • Farmer J Part Two

    • Farmer J Quiz

  • 9

    Transition Tips

    • Print - Transitions

    • Transition Tips

    • Winding up

    • Further Resources

Over the past few decades (and hundreds of workshops later), we've developed a range of methods to support your learning around the factors involved in building soil health.